The next generation of non-woven microfiber that absolutely loves ink.

Whether you draw on it, paint on it, or do something completely different with it, Evolon AP lets you look at your art in a completely new way!


Evolon AP is a hi-tech non-woven split microfiber sheet with worldwide patented technology.

  • Pure polyester and pure nylon
  • No plasticizers, no additives and no fillers
  • Archival, inert and UV resistant
  • Tear-proof and dimensionally stable
  • Can be used like canvas and doesn't need to be primed
  • Dries flat, doesn't stretch and maintains perfect registration
  • Great for drawing, painting, intaglio, litho, letterpress and monoprinting!

Lightweight, anti-wrinkle and PVC-free with a unique matt surface and fabric drapability. Great for giclees, murals, banners, posters and a whole lot more.

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